Fisher Art Collection Places San Francisco Museum of Modern Art In The Top 10

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) is about to become “the second most important modern museum in America,” just behind the Museum of Modern Art,” said Arne Glimcher, founder of the Pace Gallery in New York, and also “in the Top 10 among modern museums in the world.” (from the NYTimes article Private Collection Becomes Very Public)
Images are representational of specific artists in the Fisher Collection, images may or may not be actual pieces in the Collection Doris and Donald Fisher the founders of Gap stores have been collecting art since the 1960’s and are now considered to own one of the greatest collections of contemporary art assembled today. What is even more exciting, The Fisher Collection will be on loan to the SFMOMA for the next 100 years for you and I to enjoy. The collection includes 1100 pieces of art by some of the best contemporary artists. A preview “Calder to Warhol: Introducing the Fisher Collection”  will open at the SFMOMA on June 25 and close on September 19. This snapshot of the art will have 161 pieces on display, of which 16 are of the 21 Warhols, 9 of the 23 Gerhard Richters, 10 of the 24 Sol LeWitts and 10 of the 45 Calders. In my book this art event, the loan of the collection, and the expansion of the SFMOMA ranks with the opening of the renovated Golden Gate Bridge, to put it mildly. I am so proud that the collection will be housed at the SFMOMA in the heart of San Francisco for so many to enjoy and not in some off beat location like the Presidio, where they were contemplating the collections home. Luckily due to community outrage over the design of the building, some felt it did not fit into the long-range vision for the Presidio, the plans fell through. This was the opportunity for the Museum to step in and there is more to the story.  Amazingly Mr. Fisher whom was ill with cancer,  lived to complete the deal with the SFMOMA and past away three days later. Some details you may like to know:
  • The expansion of the SFMOMA should be completed by Fall 2016
  • The collection is balanced between abstract and figurative art, which is unusual because most collectors focus on one genre.
  • The collection is a collaboration between both Doris and Don Fisher and was truly only for their enjoyment not to be resold.
  • The final contract, worked out with Robert Fisher (son of Don Fisher), who is on the boards of both the Gap and the museum, stipulates that the collection will be on loan to the museum for 100 years, renewable for another 25; what happens next will be determined by the Fishers’ descendants. It also stipulates a 75 percent to 25 percent ratio of Fisher to non-Fisher work for the new galleries; that the most important works must be shown at least once every five years; and that work can be deaccessioned only to upgrade the collection and in consultation with the museum, which has veto power over certain pieces.
This is a very informative interview on KQED with Michael Krasney discussing this collection / exhibit, his guests are:
  • Bob Fisher, president of the board of SFMOMA, trustee of the Fisher Art Foundation and director of Gap Inc.
  • Gary Garrels, senior curator of painting and sculpture at SFMOMA
  • Neal Benezra, director of SFMOMA
(this is roughly one hour) Indulge yourself go to the exhibit and soak up all the lovely contemporary creativity. Since I haven’t seen it tell me what you liked, didn’t like or are still thinking.

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