I Went To The Groomer Today, Oh Dog

There is nothing I hate more than going to the dog groomer. Being a poodle I should be used to it, with all this hair, but it has never been a good experience. My Boss has taken me to many different dog groomers and she stuck with this one for a while. I did not like her.  Then I got sick, ear infections, lacerations. I was a mess for over a month. Today I went to a new groomer. I will never admit to liking a groomer but this one made me feel good. You can see me below. Do you like my tail? We didn’t want to do the pom-pom thing, but is till need to have a poof on my head or I look really silly. Dog! I do feel better.

Ollie Dog Poodle Miniature

Hey and check out my toes! She did a nice job on my nails. I know I have that black nail thing. Don’t know what that is or why, but love how she cut my nails

Dog Pedicure / Dog Toe Nails

I think we will be back to this groomer, not sure when.